Motorbike - Maintenance and Driving

Some time ago, I realized that four wheels are too much for one person in road traffic and that vehicles with just two wheels serve the same purpose (and give more fun anyway).

YAMAHA, die Marke mit den drei Stimmgabeln

For daily usage I have a YAMAHA XV 535 Virago, which, when I bought it in spring 1993, nearly nine years after getting the driver's license, formed the start of my active motorbike career.


I do not drive any Motorbike races, so far, although there are some signs, which could give that impression.

Motorbike Oldtimer

Instead, I am interested in the typically slower, but more characteristic, motorbike oldtimers.


In summer 1994, I was the owner of a motor scooter Heinkel Tourist Modell 103 A-2 (Bj. 1962) of the Ernst Heinkel A.G. from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. That is why I am a member of Heinkel-Club Deutschland, as well. After a short period of time, I sold the scooter to Thomas Stingl, who takes care and drives it since then together with several other two- and four-wheel air-cooled oldtimers (Corvair, NSU Prinz).


My Triumph BDG 125, which was built in 1951 from the Triumph Werke Nürnberg (TWN), I enjoy to use for small excursions within my swabian homeland, as long as I do not actually need to turn some screws on it. Technically, the most interesting feature is the driving motor, a single-cylinder double-piston two-stroke engine with 123cc. Besides that, this motorbike is exactly the right one for me, because that time it was written in some advertisement, where the success of Triumph in motor sport was reported: From Men and Machines (Von Männern und Maschinen).


My home town Neckarsulm was also the home of the legendary company NSU. As one of the first companies in Germany, it produced a motorbike already in 1901 in large quantities. Around the middle of the 20th century, NSU was on the top of its success (The Rise and Fall of the NSU Empire). At the end of the 50s, the construction of motorbikes was reduced more and more, and stopped completely in the beginning of the 60s, finally. From then on, NSU concentrated on the construction of cars. But short time later, in the year 1969, NSU lost its independency. Nowadays, the plants are part of VW/Audi (Volkswagen AG, AUDI AG, Volkswagen of America, Audi World Site, Audi History). Well-known vehicles built by NSU were the motorbike Max, the motorized bicycle Quick, the small motorbike Quickly, the motor scooter Prima, the small car Prinz and the futuristic automobile Ro 80 with a Wankel rotary combustion engine (Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines (RCE) and Vehicles: NSU - First Manufacturer of Wankel Rotary Engines, Deutsche NSU Wankel Spider Seite, NSU Prinz und Wankel Homepage, NSU und Wankelseite). The last development of NSU was the mid-class automobile K 70, but which was then built and sold as Volkswagen K 70 (K 70 Info von Scot J. Kleinman). From its fascination, the brand NSU has lost not a bit, at least not by its enthusiasts. I, myself, own a Quickly S (Bj. 1959) as well as a 125 ZDB (Bj. 1950) since short time, and I hope that those will be joined by a Max, sometime. Just remember what the creative writer from the NSU advertisement section, Arthur Westrup, wrote already in the 50s: When you say motorbike, you mean Max (Mit Motorrad meint man Max)!

Jürgen Röthig;; last update: February 2, 2002