BMBF Funded Projects

It is the task of the Projektträger Informationstechnik to support and relieve the German Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie) from scientific and administrative tasks, when funding universities, research institutions and indsutry in the area of information technology.

During my employment at the communication technologies section within the Projektträger Informationstechnik, I was involved in following projects of funding:

Multimedia Communication
The proclamation of multi-media communication, which was published in March/April 1995, aims for economic corporations which would like to test the facilities of broadband networks for multimedia applications in pilot projects on the networks of the German Research Network Deutsches Forschungsnetz (DFN). The first projects started in the first half year of 1996. The care of this focal point of funding was a task of my department and of my own before I moved to another section.
Digital Audio Broadcasting
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a terrestrical transmitted medium, which could replace FM radio on a long-term prospect. Besides audio distribution in high quality, it also offers facilities to transmit all other kind of data as well in a digital manner and without interruptions especially for mobile receivers. Additional benefits of DAB are the better economics of frequency and power, which are being achieved through a special coding technology in a single frequency network. The development of DAB was funded within Eureka147 (E!), and the Eureka147/DAB project office was located at the DLR in Cologne. The possibilities for enhancements of DAB in the area of multimedia data services were funded by the BMBF. I was responsible for the care of these research projects.
Optical / Holographical Storage
The goal of the focal point of funding Optical / Holographical Storage is the development of optical storage with high speed input and output and large capacity. It was also expected to have synergies with another large and already running focal point of funding called Photonic. I was involved in the project in an early phase, where a first discussion with experts from industry, universities, and other research institutions, took place on Tuesday, May 9, 1995, on the area of the DLR in Cologne, in which organization I took part.

Besides that, I was responsible for the common web pages of Projektträger Informationstechnik as well as the web information of the communication technologies section. The latter task was taken over by my colleague Dr. Ralph J. Dieter (photograph (16KB)), when I moved to another section.

Jürgen Röthig;; last update: February 10, 2001